deepJohan van Hasseltweg 39 D
1021 KN Amsterdam
Telephone : +31(0)20 6343676
Fax : +31(0)20 6344686
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Activities : Deep BV is a survey company based in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, specializing in hydrography, geophysics and
oceanography. Deep’s areas of operation include inshore
waterways, harbours, coastal zones and offshore areas.
Projects are carried out worldwide.
Deep’s main goal is to supply its clients with high-quality
data that provides reliable insights into the underwater
world. Deep’s core values and those of its professional staff
include quality of data, charts and reports, excellent client
relations, and a flexible and cost-effective approach to
Deep operates its own fleet of vessels and works with highstandard
equipment according to stringent procedures.
Most important of all is Deep’s staff, a tight-knit group of
professionals who are highly motivated to make the most of
every project for every client simply because they love their
Deep deploys a full range of survey techniques and
equipment including high resolution multi-beam echo
sounders, sidescan sonars, single- and multi-channel
sparkers, cable ’depth of burial’ measurements, bottom
sampling, wave riders, current meters, etc.
You will find Deep working for renewable energy operators,
the dredging industry, engineering consultancy firms,
offshore construction and salvage companies, and
government organizations.

Every challenging project deserves the Deep approach!