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SPT Foto2015Activities : SPT Offshore is an independent offshore contractor
specialized in suction pile foundations and anchors.

SPT has developed and successfully installed several Self
Installing Platform (SIP) and Floatover concepts, suitable
for topsides from 300t to 20,000t in up to 150m water.

The SIPs and Floatover concepts are installed using tugs, barges or floaters and are therefore relatively cheap and independent of crane barges.

Moreover, these concepts can be re-used.

For the mooring of FPSOs, SPARs and
SCRs, SPT has the expertise to install complete mooring
systems including suction anchors, polyester ropes and
chains for hook-up of floaters.

SPT is a subsidiary of the Volker Wessels group.

Managing Director : M.E. Riemers