IOTDOSCOServiceBoekel 36
1921 CE Akersloot The Netherlands
Telephone : +31(0)72 533 32 22
Fax : +31(0)72 533 16 30
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E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Activities : IOT-Dosco is an international recognized rental and supply
company in the oil, gas, salt, water/ geothermal and HDDdrilling
Sales, Rentals & Services
IOT-Dosco can provide with an extensive range of oil andadvert
gas related drilling equipment up to complete rig packages
(both sales and rental), including but not limited to:
– OCTG (Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, HWDP, NMDC, Hydro
Clean, Tubing, Casing etc.)
– Drilling Equipment (Subs, Stabilizers, Hole-openers,
Reamers, Whipstocks)
– Tubular Handling Tools and Accessories
– Exclusive distributor Dynomax Drilling Tools (PDM
motors, Slide Reamers, Jars & Shock Tools)
– Pressure Control Equipment
– Wellhead Equipment
– Fishing Tools
– Maintenance, Testing and Make-up/break of BHA’s
– Supply Chain (onshore, offshore, marine & industrial)

Our product is our service; the ability to source,
procure and supply competitively and professionally!