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Rig Manager : Sybe Visser
QHSE Manager : Erik Houkes

swiftdrilling3Activities : Swift Drilling B.V. is a modern drilling contractor
operating the highly automated Swift 10. Swift 10 is a light jack up drilling rig concept, specially designed to meet the
economic and technical challenges of offshore operations in the 21st century. Swift 10 matches the shallow water conditions in the Southern North Sea and is suitable for drilling wells, work overs and well abandonments. Special focus is given to automated pipe handling and the efficient handling of sub sea trees and well head protective structures. The four legged barge is easy to move and preloading is done in only a few hours. It can handle a 30 meter air gap effortless and due to the X/Y cantilever design, the majority of the production platforms in
the Southern North Sea can be served. Swift 10 is designed for a maximum water depth of 40 meters. Swift 10 has valid safety cases for the UKCS and NLCS.


A key innovation of the Swift 10 was the introduction of an automated pipe handling system. This has improved the safety on
board by an enormous reduction in HSE exposures and in average 40% less people on board. The average POB, including catering and operator personnel is around 50. 

Safety increased

Swift 10 has an outstanding safety record. The innovative design has assisted in creating a safer working environment on board.


Despite automation the key feature for Swift Drilling is its excellent personnel. An enthusiastic young group of people that supports innovation and the different approach in our industry. All are committed to using Swift Drilling’s powerful Corporate Management System and the pragmatic in house developed competency system. This is all supported by the safety figures.