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Zeeland Seaports - one stop shop for offshore projects.
FotoZeelandSeaportsActivities : Within the offshore market, Zeeland Seaports (ports of
Vlissingen and Terneuzen) has been a reliable and sizeable
player for many years, thanks to its strategic location visà-
vis many offshore oil and gas rigs and wind farms in the
North Sea, and also thanks to the excellent nautical access
for installation vessels: no locks and hardly any waiting
times. And all of this is combined with excellent access via
inland shipping.
The strong offshore cluster that the Zeeland port has
built up through the years offers numerous synergetic
advantages. Just take the wealth of experience among
logistics service providers when it comes to the storage
and handling of different types of large objects, or the
specialist knowledge on assembling parts. It is not for
nothing that this year the twentieth wind farm was delivered
from the Zeeland port.
The proven track record of existing companies provides
plenty of opportunities for new commercial activity that
can further reinforce the offshore cluster. Such as for
producers of large objects, with their sub-contractors and
service providers, or logistics companies which specialise
in heavy-lift operations. And whether it’s a question of
physical space or facilitating new activities, flexibility goes
without saying at Zeeland Seaports.

Managing Director : J. Lagasse