portofdenhelderHet Nieuwe Diep 33
1781 AD Den Helder
Telephone    : +31(0)223-613955
Fax           : +31(0)223-627780
Internet: www.portofdenhelder.nl 
Activities: For decades, Port of Den Helder has been Netherlands main port for offshore, maritime and marine logistics, maintenance and operations.
More than 160 exploration and production platforms are serviced from the Port of Den Helder.

Port of Den Helder has become North Sea's largest offshore logistic hub thanks to the combination of the seaport with direct access to open sea, the inner harbours,
Den Helder Airport and the industrial and business areas.

About 200 leading service companies, suppliers and main contractors to the offshore, maritime and marine industry
(especially offshore oil & gas and offshore renewable energy) are based in and around the Port of Den Helder.